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Entertainment Projects

Heartland Multi-Purpose Venue

Treasure Mountain Family Attraction

Sierra Country Movie

Heartland is a new type of multi-purpose entertainment facility (venue). The main theme and business purpose is catering to the country music and dance scene. This is why the facility resembles a barn type structure. However, because of the stigma of a nightclub operation frowned upon by government jurisdictions and difficulty in obtaining financing for a single use building this project contemplates multiple day and night uses. During the day the facility can be open as a school site, business center, or restaurant. Also planned is a regular entertainment telecast online to reach a worldwide audience with first rate presentations. Thus Heartland will become a landmark attraction and "third place" location (super Starbucks) between work and home for socialization and networking. Future statewide and national expansion is planned.

What is Treasure Mountain? Imagine a physically interactive gameshow family attraction that the entire family can enjoy.  Treasure Mountain is  virtual simulation of what gold prospectors experienced during the Gold Rush. Through the use of  current technology  an interactive, multi-player gameshow will simulate the trials and tribulations of gold miners prospecting for gold. Think of the action as like a casino but without putting any money  at risk. There is the educational aspect to help teach life lessons but more importantly it will be a fun and competitive activity that produces lasting memories for life.  The attraction will employ a variety of technologies to create a physical multi-player gaming environment where players can stake their claim to a gold treasure and actually win prizes much like at Chuckie Cheese or Dave and Busters. Treasure Mountain will offer something new, different, addictive and challenging in a fun, safe and immersive environment.

The inspiration for this project came from the 1992 George Strait movie "Pure Country".  This was a musical, romantic adventure that featured George as a disenchanted country singer who wanted to go back to his roots and in the process found love. The idea behind "Sierra Country" is that while many movies have been filmed in the Sierra Nevada, none have really focused on the majesty of the mountains and lakes. It would make the perfect backdrop for a romantic, adventure, musical production. The story line is similar to "Pure Country" in that two city people get disenchanted with city life and find each other by accidentt in the mountains. It takes the viewer on an emotional and spiritual journey that has a happy ending. It will be a G rated flick with country music and dancing interspersed throughout the film.  From a business perspective many branding and sponsorship opportunities will be available to help ensure financial viability and  success of the project.