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Notice: These product ideas/concepts are the intellectual property of Doug Tatara and will be patent pending in 2018. Copyright December 2017, all rights reserved. 

Product Ideas

Profile Match Cards

Novelty Item With Fun, Practical Purpose




A quick and easy method to "see the light" of possible compatibility with other singles in the dating world. Answers to a personality questionnaire are recorded by punching holes in a wallet card. Cards are held together up to a light to register light patterns revealing commonality or disagreement on issues. Would be an impulse buy in singles meeting places as a fun conversation starter. Retail price less than $5.00.


Personal identification marketing vest




Addresses the need to be seen and identified in a large group or event setting. Replaces small and hard to see attendee name tags at mixers, meetings and conventions. Similar to names shown on the backs of jerseys for pro athletes, a custom wide (6") writeable label with adhesive backing will be attached to the back of the vest. Vest wearer can then advertise themselves or their company name and be seen fro a distance. Onsite event retail price less than $10.00. Facilitates networking.


Side Visor Shade Fan




Solves the problem of having to adjust the driver visor from front facing to the side as the position of the sun changes while driving.  Attached to the door frame with Velcro. The expandable fan can easily be opened to partially shade the driver's eyes but is also transparent enough to see objects beyond. Simple installation and a safety feature for less than $15.

Privacy Cubicle


Office Noise Isolation Chamber



Highly efficient circular self sufficient and relocatable modular work station that provides noise reduction advantages to office workers. Each unit is predesigned and built with a built in rechargeable battery and wireless communication technologies. The unit has wheels for easy transport, installation and mobility. This is an alternative to fixed tenant improvements and offers better office flexibility.

Rocking Hammock

Two Axis XY Motion




A portable, collapsible rocking hammock that provides a relaxing and unique experience. Combines the back and forth movement of a typical hammock with the rocking chair motion. May promote a deeper sleep. Easily assembled for camping and outdoor use. Retail less than $100.00.

Contour Putting Mat

Recontourable Practice Mat




World's first low cost golf putting practice contour mat. Simple design, manufacture, maintenance and use. Allows golfers to practice infinite contour putting paths that can be changed at will. Provides a more realistic practice experience. 

Passthrough Screen

Indoor Golf Practice Passthrough Screen




Provides a more realistic ball flight experience eliminating the hit ball "whack!" as it hits the stationary video screen. This product improvement will enhance the virtual golf experience and will allow for skill improvement indoors year round. 

Archimedes Elevator

Pole Platform & Corkscrew Rotation




A low cost elevator solution for new and retrofits to existing two story homes. This is a fireman's pole with attached standing platform and safety shield. Platform elevates and descends by the corkscrew rotation created by a motor underneath the platform. Platform is very safe as it can be stopped and started from any height. Does not take up much space and would be easy to install in a closet. Retail price less than $10,000 for home or commercial installations.

Automat Delivery Van

Neighborhood Delivery Service




Roaming delivery truck for fast neighborhood deliveries. Customers order and pay online and then given a code to open storage slots on the truck to retrieve their order. Truck driver is immediately dispatched to the address and customer  comes out to truck and retrieves the order. No payments are taken by the driver. Totally automated system. 

USA Flag

White House

CA State Capital

Old Sacramento

Auburn Courthouse

Opera House Saloon

Highway 49


Lake Tahoe

CA Goldfields
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