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It All Begins With an Idea.

If you are an investor seeking new  ways to diversify your investment portfolio and are looking for some great real estate and business ideas, then please take a moment to consider the offerings found on this website.

Sierra Investors was created to expose the unique and creative entrepreneurial vision of the founder to a wider audience. All ideas, projects and illustrative work are those of the founder.

Understand that this is a not an SEC registered  security offering solicitation nor a crowdfunding site. This is intended for  private California investors seeking higher secured returns  through direct loans or equity placement opportunities.


Investment capital will be secured by notes and first trust deeds on real property or with an LLC memorandum agreement. No express or implied guarantees of financial returns are being made. Every investment carries a degree of risk and the investor should fully evaluate those risk factors, review the financial pro forma projections and assumptions, and consult with legal counsel prior to making any investment. The founder reserves the right to change any of the offerings, terms and conditions described herein without notice.


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